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About Me

I’m crazy over my iPhone and all types of Technology. I love Computers (Apple or PC). I purchased my first computer in December 1980; it was a Tandy Model III. It cost me $2500. Thirty years later you can spend half that amount and get a top-notch desktop computer. Today my iPhone is many, many more times powerful than that first computer.

I mainly use Apple computers today. I spend a lot of time reading to stay current with “what’s new.” I am the webmaster for several websites. Today I enjoy website design, Twitter, FaceBook,  and reading about the explosion of Technology in todays world.

All my friends consider me a Computer/Hi-Tech and gadget  Geek, maybe I am but the people I follow are ages above me.  I wish I could remember all of what I have forgotten about computers and software through the years. LOL

I’m a Private Pilot and love Aviation. I do not currently own a airplane, but have owned two. They both were Cessna 182 4 seater planes. Flying in good weather has to be the best stress reliever known to man.

I enjoy Classic Cars, mainly AMC products. My favorite in the AMC Gremlin X, which was my first car at 16. I own a ’74 Gremlin that I have restored and have been in over 12 national publications. My mother says it’s so ugly that it’s cute!


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